About Scott

Clients include: Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, Applibot, Cygames, Scholastic, Capstone/Stone Arch Books, New England Science Fiction Association, Little Brown and Company, Random House UK, and Apex Magazine.

Scott Murphy grew up in Western Massachusetts spending most of his time in the woods or climbing around in trees. Those being the places where he could conjure up all of the best adventures. Eventually, his love for adventure began to find it's way onto paper, and he never looked back. Scott graduated with a BFA in illustration from The Hartford Art School in 2006, and in 2014 obtained his MFA in illustration from the same institution. His work has been published in several books, articles, and games. Scott has always been intrigued and inspired by the various worlds and endless possibilities within the sci-fi and fantasy genres. He strives to employ the sense of adventure he's had since a very young age to inspire his artwork and give life to the stories and worlds within.

Scott lives and works in Western Massachusetts with his super talented wife, Elisabeth Alba, in their apartment filled with strange objects, medieval weapons, and art books.

Scott Murphy